How to choose the right Domain Registrar?

Choosing a domain registration is essential because your site will be troubled if it is not good.

What is Domain Registrar?

Domain registrars are the company who sells domains or register domains for you. All the processes are done by ICANN.

How Domain Registrar really Works?

Whenever a user enters your domain. The domain registrar redirects the domain to your server IP address to access the website.

How to choose the right Domain Registrar?

Different registrars have different policies so you have to choose the right registrar for that. We discuss some points to do the same.

1. Pricing and Registration Period

Some registrars give you high discounts at first and they charge high amounts. Also, check the registration period for how many years you can register your domain.

2. Domain Transfers

Check if domain transfer is available or not. Because if you don't like registrar services then you can transfer your domain to another registrar.

3. Domain Expiration Policies

If you registered your domain for 1 year. Then after expiration, some registrars don't give you time to renew. So check their expiration policies carefully.

4. Add-on Services

Many registrars give you free and paid add-ons like free domain protection, email for your domain, page builders, and much more


Things to know when choosing a Domain Registrar?

They give you many attractive offers and then you have to buy some additional things or services and here you got tricked.

1. Add-on Pricing

You may get many free add-ons but some registrars charge you some extra for add-ons like domain privacy and much more. Which you have to pay at the time of buying a domain.

2. Bad User Experience

See their user interface because if their website UI is not user-friendly then you can find it hard to set up your domain in the registrar dashboard.

3. Hidden Fees

Many domain registrars have hidden fees like you have to buy extra add-ons like domain privacy, email, SEO tools, and much more. So be careful before buying.

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