How To Start A Blog in 2024: The Step-by-Step Guide

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So, If you are thinking of how to start a blog. Then, You are here in the right place. Many peoples thought and say that creating and maintaining a blog is tough and need lots of technical knowledge but that’s not the thing. Here, You get the right strategy for creating a blog to make a sustainable income.

Starting a blog and making it profitable takes time. But, If you use the right strategies then, It can give you a consistent handsome income so that you become financially independent and also can get rid of your full-time 9 to 5 job.

Blogging is a hobby. I being a blogger, can say that blogging helps to improve your writing skills, and explore new ideas. It can increase your online presence and soon you can expertise in many things. Blogging is all about passion, If you have a topic and you are passionate about that topic then you are good to go. You can share your knowledge and educate them and soon you start making some income out of it.

In this article, I will show you how to start a blog step by step from scratch and guide you on what tools and things you need to create a blog and make it sustainable. How to drive initial readers to your blog so that your blog will grow at some point initially.

How to Start a Blog?

Below are the images with topics, you can click on topics that you want to read directly.

Choose Your Niche
Buy Domain Name and Hosting
Design your blog
write engaging content
seo and analytics setup
install important wordpress plugins
make money through blogging

What is a Blog?

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A blog is nothing but a website only where people can share their content on a particular section of the page or link about which they are passionate. There are 600 million blogs out of 1.7 billion websites on the internet today but not all of them come up and make their space on the internet. If you have some unique and trusted content then only you make space in millions. Creating a blog can help local businesses to grow in their area also worldwide. In this fast-growing internet era, everyone and every business need a website to grow their businesses. You can also build a community through a blog.

Why Start a Blog?

People can start a blog for various reasons like for passive income, or get exposure to them and their businesses. Below is some point that can make sense to you why to start a blog today.

  • Passive Income
  • Share Useful Content
  • Promote Product and Services
  • Build a Community

Passive Income

The greatest motivation among people to start a blog is to earn some passive income and that is true you can earn some if you are going right. Some popular bloggers started their journey as a side hustle and now they are full-time bloggers. If you have a topic to start with then start it today. Soon if you make a sustainable income then you can choose blogging as a full-time career also.

Share content that you like or you have passionate about

Most people do blogging by watching other bloggers that they are making good income by writing on this and that blog niches or topics. But, If you also select a niche or topic of which you don’t have any knowledge then you will soon leave blogging and be left with nothing. So choose the niche in which you are interested and have knowledge. So, you always stay motivated and share content to help others.

Promote Products and Services

You can promote products and services in your blog to earn some extra income rather than ad revenue. You can add Google AdSense ads to your blog but you can also promote some products like software and services from companies and earn through affiliate marketing. For eg: you can promote any products from amazon(Amazon Affiliates) and earn a commission from it. It can give up to a 20% commission(Commission Rates) on products that you promote. You can also grow and promote local online businesses. Further in this article, we will discuss this topic in detail.

Building a Community

You can build a community of people with similar interests so that if you post any new article then they will get the notifications immediately. Some of the tools you can use to build community are to build a forum on your blog or just by doing email marketing. Enable a comment section on your blog posts so that readers can interact with you and people with similar interests.

Now you understood why to start a blog. Now we are moving towards some technical aspects of how to start a blog. What tools and things do you need to create a blog?

Choose Your Niche

One of the most important things is to choose your niche. Because choosing a niche or micro-niche can help your blog rank faster on Google’s top results.

  • What is Niche?
  • Check whether your Niche is Profitable or Not
  • Buy a Domain related to your Niche
  • Things to remember while buying a Domain Name

What is Niche?

different niches for blogs

Niche is basically a topic on which you want to write a blog. If you see any website URL then you noticed that every blog or business website has a name in its URL like So you want to choose the topic on which you want to start a blog first. Select your niche according to your interest otherwise, you will soon run out of content and leave blogging very early. Most of the common niches are mentioned below:-

  • Tech Blog
  • News Website
  • Recipe Blog
  • Health Blog
  • Fitness Blog
  • Make Money Online Blog
  • Coding Blog
  • Fashion Blog

You can also narrow down the above-given niche into small parts. These small parts of particular topics or niches are called micro-niches. Narrowing down your niche can help you to grow or get top positions on search engines initially. Some of the micro-niches are mentioned below:-

  • Australian Recipe Blog
  • Heart Health Blog
  • Women Fashion Blog

If you want you can again narrow down a niche to more micro-niches like women’s shirts, tops, and jeans blogs.

52 Most Profitable Blog Niche IdeasClick Here

Check Whether a Niche is Profitable or Not

If you are blogging for some passive income then you have to check first whether your niche is profitable or not. You have to check whether people are interested in that niche or not. The most popular tool is Google, search for the product or services on google or use Google Trends. You can see the popularity of the niches and also compare niches on Google Trends.

Google Trends Niche Research

Above is an example of Google Trends. I searched the two popular topics and you can clearly see both have very high potential as the graph remains almost the same on both niches.

Buy a Domain related to your Niche

person buying domain name

After choosing a niche you have to buy a domain related to the niche you selected or you want to work with. Note that your domain name should be related to your niche.

Here, I recommend buying a domain from NameCheap. It has affordable prices on domains and also has very affordable renewal prices as compared to other domain providers.

NameCheap Domain Buying

You can check the same domain name on different websites and compare prices. You can search your domain name, then add it to your cart and buy it after creating an account on any of the sites mentioned above.

Top 9 Best Domain registrars:- Click Here

Note: If you are buying first-time hosting then you will get a free domain name from the hosting company. Continue reading to claim your free domain name.

Things to remember while buying a Domain Name

Domain Name Length

Try to keep the domain name length as short as possible because humans find it easy to read, understand and remember short names. Your domain max length should be 2 to 3 words. Try to give names of that 2 to 3 words similar which make sense suppose you are starting a tech blog then you have to give names like:-

  • Tech bit
  • Tech byte
  • Technology byte
  • Technology bit

Prefer the .com Domain over any other

You can buy any TLD (Top Level Domain) like .net, .com, .dev, .org, .info, .app. But I prefer to buy the .com domain because 99% of the people are familiar with .com domains and thought it is a simple website or blog.

Avoid Numbers & symbols in your domain name

Avoid numbers in your domain names like domain123 or symbols like domain-123. Most people do this mistake while buying a domain but some people thought that they are not safe or hard to remember.

Use Domain Name Generators

If you are still confused about domain and how to decide on a good name for your blog then you can also use domain name generators to generate domain names. Below mentioned free websites can suggest you good domain names:-

Just put your niche into the website mentioned above and these websites generate many names related to the topic or niche and you can choose one of them and buy a domain of that name.

Choose a Right Blogging Platform

Blogger VS WordPress Image

Choosing a blogging platform can be very confusing because if you search on google, there are so many blogging platforms, but the most popular ones are Blogger and WordPress. But we recommend you to use WordPress because it has lots of themes, plugins, and design customizations as compared to the blogger or any other blogging platforms. Using WordPress you have full control over your blog or website.

How much does it cost to start a blog?

Well if you choose WordPress CMS then it will cost very minimal cost per year and if you choose blogger then it’s completely free you have to buy only the domain name but blogger has very fewer customization options. Continue reading to know the cost to create a WordPress website or blog.

Choose a Right Hosting Platform

  • How to Buy Hosting?
  • Things to remember while buying a Hosting

After choosing the domain name and platform, You have to store your blog on the server. So that your blog posts and pages are always online and visible to everyone 24/7. To store your blog you have to buy good hosting. There are many hosting companies but choosing one of them is very confusing.

The best and most affordable hosting recommended by me is Hostinger. Their hosting is very affordable and also very good in performance and uptime.

Hostinger Web Hosting Plan

Hostinger mentioned above has very affordable prices as you can see in the above image Hostinger’s basic plan just starts from $1.99/month. You can also get a Domain Name for 1 year absolutely free. If you are starting your blog then I recommend buying Hostinger hosting it is very affordable and the performance is also very good.

I recommend buying hosting for at least 3 to 4 years and getting the most popular one i.e $2.99/month because your blog needs time to rank on google. So, It may take 6 months to rank and get a small amount of traffic on your blog. To make a consistent income out of it, you have to give time for at least two years.

Get your Hostinger hosting Click here to Get Started.

We have written a whole detailed article on the Best Web Hosting Providers you can read and select the best hosting according to your need.

How to Buy Hosting?

Click Here to go Directly to Buying Page.

1. Select a plan according to your requirement. But I recommend going for a $2.99/month plan in which you can set up unlimited WordPress blogs.

select plan section

2. Choose a period you want but the maximum discount is given only on 4 years plan.

Choose a Period section

3. Create your account you can also use Google, Facebook, and GitHub accounts to log in.

create account section

4. Select the payment method and fill in all the details and checkout. Congratulations you have bought a hosting. You can see below the image that we are getting a free domain name, Cloudflare CDN, and a free setup.

Select Payment and Pay

Things to remember while buying a Hosting

  • Uptime: Most companies claim that their hosting gives 99.95% uptime means your website never has downtime but most companies never give that so we recommend you the best hosting and their uptime is also pretty good.
  • Bandwidth: Bandwith means the number of data from your server to visitors that can transfer in an amount of time. Hosting should have good bandwidth so that your server can transfer a good amount of data.
  • Customer Support: Choose a hosting that has good customer support. If you have any error or problem then you can contact the hosting company and they will solve your problem as soon as possible.

How to Set Up and Design Your Blog?

  • How to Set Up your Blog?
  • How to Design your Blog?
  • Create Important Pages in your Blog
  • Create a Brand Logo

How to Set Up your Blog?

Most hosting companies give you a one-click WordPress installation. After buying hosting you simply log in to the dashboard and go to your hosting page and search for WordPress and click on that. It will automatically install WordPress on the domain you want. After that, you can log in to your WordPress dashboard and explore the world of WordPress.

1. After buying hosting you will redirect to the login page or directly to the Cpanel. Next, you have to set up your hosting. Click on Setup and then click on Start Now.

hostinger Setup Hosting
hostinger start now

2. Select Claim a free domain and search for the desired domain and click on search and then click on continue. I recommend you go for the .com domain extension.

Claim a Free Domain

3. Select Build a New Website.

building a new website

4. Select WordPress to create a site in WordPress. Create your WordPress Account by filling Email address and Password and clicking on continue.

creating WordPress account

5. Then click on Skip, I don’t need a Template.

choose a template for your WordPress site

6. Click on Finish Setup to complete your setup.

hostinger finish setup

7. Click Manage Site and you will redirect to your Cpanel there you have to finish your domain registration. So, click on Finish domain registration and fill out the all necessary personal details and click on setup and then click on continue to the control panel.

hostinger manage site option

8. Install an SSL certificate to secure your website by clicking on SSL on the navbar and then clicking on Install SSL. Select the domain you want to install SSL and click on Install SSL.

install SSL into hostinger hosting

How to Design your Blog?

Well, to make your WordPress look beautiful you have to install WordPress themes and plugins. Installing themes not only makes it beautiful but also brings a lot of new features that can enhance your blog speed, performance, and much more.

Many of the so-called bloggers may say that they invested $1000 in the WordPress theme but that’s not the case. You have many free and premium options which give value to you with very wonderful design and performance.

1. Log In to your WordPress Dashboard.

login into the WordPress dashboard

2. Goto Appearance > Themes > Add New to add new themes.

add new theme

3. Then search theme and click on install and then activate. Your theme is now activated you can now click on customize from the side panel to edit and beautify the theme as you want.

search, install, and activate theme into WordPress

Some of the Best WordPress themes you can install and activate from the WordPress directory are mentioned below:-

Both themes are available in both free and premium versions you can use them as you want. My favorite is Kadence Theme because you got lots of customizations on the free version only and it is also an optimized and performance-based theme.

If you want to know more best and free WordPress themesclick here

Create Important Pages in your Blog

Before you start writing your first-ever blog post. I recommend you create important pages on your blog so that people and google can trust your blog. Some important pages are mentioned below that you have to create:-

Create a Brand Logo

Create some logos of your blog names so that they can be on your header section and on your favicon. Logos make a unique impact on people’s minds that this is the logo that belongs to your blog or brand. So design some professional logos.

Make a list of Topics for your Blog

listing blog topics

Make a list of topics and their short titles that you want to write on your blog. Doing so can save you time for researching again and remembering things again and again. Make some short topics like after writing the first post what next. On which topic your next article should be?

For eg:- Write down 20 Recipes that you want to write in your recipe blog one by one in advance so that you don’t have to decide on 20 next blog posts. Make a division of particular topics and make new 10 blog posts for every division. With this formula, you never ever gonna out of new ideas.

How to Write Your First Blog Post?

  • Research your keywords first
  • Decide Your Blog Post Title
  • List your key points
  • Create Engaging Content
  • Add Images
  • Make SEO Optimized
  • Publish, Edit, and Update regularly

Research your keywords first

Before you start writing articles you have to research keywords first. Keywords are the words that you use in the title and URL of the post. This helps you get a higher and more genuine organic ranking on Google. You can research keywords using the google autocomplete feature and it can show you what and how people are searching. Make your post title according to this feature.

But I am here to recommend you the best tools for keyword research. Keyword-researching tools can save you time and also you can get search volume, keyword difficulty, and much more from these tools.

Below are some free and paid tools for keyword research.

Free Tools

Paid Tools

Free toots are good initially but they don’t show you the exact and accurate details. If you are really passionate about blogging then you have to invest in good tools to get great results.

Paid tools not only give you results of the topics you searched but also show alternative topics which are also important in your niche or topic so you can focus on writing articles.

Decide Your Blog Post Title

After researching keywords make an attractive and short title. Making attractive titles can help to get a high reach on google and also increase people’s clicks.

For example,

  • How to make smoothies at home
  • How to make smoothies for weight loss
  • How to make smoothies for weight gain

List your key points

After creating a good title, list some important key points for your blog post. List some points like the headings or subheadings of your posts. So that you can write details about the headings or points which you listed before.

For example,

  • Smoothie Recipes
  • Variety of smoothies
  • Ingredients for a smoothie
  • Add the ingredients to the mixer grinder
  • Things to be noted before you make a smoothie
  • Alternative ingredients if some ingredients are not available
  • Give health benefits and nutrition value

Create Engaging Content

creating engaging content

Create Genuine Content

After listing all the key points, Congratulations now you can start writing your first article. Your articles should be engaging and more relevant to people. Otherwise, people will ignore your content, and hence Google may disranks your content also.

Make Colorful Content

Make colorful layers in your posts like using colorful texts, backgrounds, and emojis so that people can feel attracted and genuine to your content. Make long-form paragraphs to short and separated and also use bullet points wherever necessary. So that people can easily read and understand your content.

Make Unique Content

Write unique content, because there are lots of blogs writing the same content and why Google trusts and ranks you. So write unique and engaging articles to increase your chances to get organic traffic initially.

Always remember before writing your posts that you are different and unique from others so your articles or blog posts should be different and unique from others also. Make sure to write unique articles otherwise, google doesn’t allow plagiarised content to rank. Here is the best website where you can check your content plagiarism.

Sometimes while writing your content you make mistakes in spelling or in grammar then which will create a bad impact on your user. I recommend using the Grammarly Chrome extension, it helps you to correct your all spelling and grammar instantly at the time of writing content.

Add Images

Adding images to your blog posts can increase user attention and also people find it more engaging as compared to those posts that do not have images. It can increase your page viewing time which means users spend more time on your pages and posts.

You can make your own images in paid software like photoshop or free alternatives online tools like canva, photopea or if you want to use copyright-free images then you can use websites like pexels, Unsplash, and pixabay. You can simply search, download and use it in your post without giving any attribution to creators.

Make SEO Optimized

After writing content check this thing before you hit publish. These tips can increase your post’s overall SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so that your content gets more conversions and clicks. Here below are some points that you have to keep in mind before you publish your post.

Check All Your Keywords

Check all of your keywords again so that if you done any mistakes then it can harm your SEO. Making sure you use keywords in a safer way means do not use too many keywords as it is called keyword stuffing. If you do then search engines may penalize you and then blog ranking drop. Use fewer keywords, focus on your content to make it better, and repeat this strategy.

Make Internal and External Links

Use internal and external links in your post so that people can go to your other blog posts or they can learn from other websites also and it increases your post-SEO too. You can use affiliate links, guest posts, etc to your external links and earn extra income rather than just depend on Google Adsense or any other ad networks. For example, Add affiliate links of products like smoothie ingredients used In this recipe.

Include CTAs

If you are doing affiliate marketing or you are promoting some products through your blogs then giving a link is boring to people. So use the CTAs (Call To Action) button in your post and make it colorful so that people find it more attractive and buy from your links. You can use CTAs to increase subscribers to your blog. More people subscribed than more user engagement on your blog posts.

Reduce Image Size

Make sure you reduce your image size because it can increase loads on your server and your post’s images load really slow. It may slow down your pages or posts too. People don’t like to wait for long they can really just backdrop your post and go to another post so reduce your image size to improve your page performance.

Many websites on the internet can reduce your image size to 1/4th without losing their quality here are some of my favorites:-

Use Alt Texts in Images

Google or search engines doesn’t understand images. The only thing they understand is image alt text. By adding alt text to your images google understands what the image is about and what is the intention of that image.

You can add alt text to WordPress images after they are uploaded. Just go to media > library > select the image > write Alternative text and that’s it your alt text is added properly.

adding alt text to the image

Write Post’s Metadata

creating post meta data

Post metadata is the data that is shown in search engines when anyone searches for anything as shown in the above image. Metadata can help people to identify whether the post works for them or not. Add keywords in your metadata so that Google can identify what the post is about and where to show this post. Write your metadata as engaging as your title and content so that more people can come to your blog.

Choose a Proper SEO-Friendly URL

Suppose you have two URLs of the same post. The first one is and the second one is Now say which one is easier to understand and remember you fast. similarly, Google also finds it easy to find and understand.

In WordPress, you can set custom URLs in just 2 steps. Go to your WordPress Dashboard and then Settings > Permalinks > then select Post name. Your URLs are now shown with post titles as shown in the image below.

changing permalink in WordPress

Publish, Edit, and Update regularly

After following every step mentioned above now you can publish your content. But you need to update your content regularly because if any new things arrive in your niche and if you don’t mention that thing in your blog then google may decrease your rankings. because your content is not up to date.

List Posts for the Whole Month

List out all posts that you want to write in the first month because after finishing the first post. Usually, most blogger runs out of idea and are thinking about what’s next write down your whole post list ideas so you can focus on writing the post rather than researching.

You can write down all the topics in MS Excel. If you do not have MS Excel then you can use Google Sheets for the same purpose.

topics in google spreadsheet

How many posts you should write in a month?

Most bloggers say if you write 10 to 15 articles per month then your changes will be a higher rank on Google as compared to other blogs which only publish 3 to 5 articles per month. Initially, you have to write more articles to get organic traffic and if you are applying for Google Adsense then write at least 25 to 30 articles.

Promote Your Blog

  • Share your posts on social media
  • Create Email Newsletter
  • Write on Popular Websites
  • Answer the Questions on Popular Sites
  • Run Paid Ads
  • Try to Create New and Unique Content
promoting content

Share your posts on social media

Sharing your blog posts on social media may get you some initial organic traffic because initially getting organic traffic from Google is much tougher. Create Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest pages and publish post images, and links this can surely get you some initial traffic and a genuine audience.

Create Email Newsletter

Create an Email newsletter or you can also implement a push notification service on your website. By doing so you can send emails and push notifications of your blog posts to people who had reached your blog before and subscribed to it. The more subscribers you have the more income you will generate from your blog sure. Below I listed some email newsletters and push notification plugins you can use on your WordPress blog or website.

You have to create accounts on both websites to use them. Both have free plans with limitations and paid plans for extended use.

Write on Popular Websites

If you are starting your blog or you plan to start then start writing on different websites to get high-quality links from them. High-Quality links are necessary to build or increase your blog’s authority. Some of the free content posting sites are Medium, Quora, and HubPages. The most important thing about these websites is that if your post goes viral or gets a decent amount of page views then you can earn from there also.

Answer the Questions on Popular Sites

Answer people’s questions on the discussion website and try to solve or give answers to their queries. You can give answers to people’s questions on websites like Quora and if you are a developer you can use StackOverflow also. Answer the questions and give your website or blog’s URL that will create high-quality backlinks for you.

Run Paid Ads

You can run paid ads on all social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, and Pinterest or there are many websites where you can do paid guest posts also. The most popular tool to promote your business website or blog is Google Ads.

Try to Create New and Unique Content

People are used to simple blogs and they need something new. So try to create engaging content with colorful and stylish blogs. The more stylish and beautiful your blog is the more earnings to make. And also try some futuristic content niches like crypto and all.

SEO and Analytics Set Up

  • Analytics
  • Create a Sitemap
  • Set Up Search Console


By enabling the analytics feature in your blog you can see insights, traffic, and user behavior on your site.

You can set up Google Analytics in your WordPress blog which is developed by Google and it’s free to use. You can set up it manually, just log in to your analytics account and create a new website, copy the code, and paste it into your WordPress theme header section by going to WordPress dashboard > Appearance > Theme Editor > Select header.php and paste before </head> tag.

If you want some easy methods to set up your google analytics then you can use the below-mentioned plugins:

Create Sitemap

Creating a Sitemap can help search engines crawl your blog and all pages, posts, and structure of your website.

You can use XML Sitemaps plugins to create sitemaps. It can create all posts and page URLs of your blog or website automatically. You do,t need to create manually.

Set Up Search Console

Search Console helps you to initially submit your sitemap and then you can manually submit your blog posts and page URLs to inform google to crawl your blog. You can use many plugins to do that automatically. To control and see all things from your WordPress dashboard you can install the SEO plugin mentioned below in this article.

Install Important WordPress Plugins

  • Security Plugin
  • Social Sharing Plugin
  • Cache Plugin
  • Set Up CDN
  • SEO Plugin
  • Image Optimization Plugin
  • Contact Form Plugin
  • Notification Plugin
  • Page Builder Plugin

Security Plugin

WordPress is the best CMS (Content Management System) used by millions of people on their blogs or websites. Now, Think If your blog has good traffic and you are earning consistent income from it. But If your blog got hacked then what to do? So, use WordPress Security Plugin to add an extra layer of security to your blog.

There are many security plugins there some best of the are mentioned below:

Security Plugins can limit logins, enable two-factor authentication, scan for malware, and block already blacklisted IP addresses.

We have written a complete detailed article on Best Security Plugins you can go through it for more information.

Social Sharing Plugin

Social Sharing is the most important plugin nowadays in the era of social media and it helps your blog post rank and gets more traffic from social media. People who read your blogs can share them on their social media and you got more traffic from them. You can use any of the social sharing plugins mentioned below:

Cache Plugin

If you really want to optimize and increase your site performance then you have to use the cache plugin for sure.

Cache Plugin can save your blog’s assets like images and data into the client’s browser so that whenever any user visits the same pages or posts again it will load all images or assets from the local browser cache hence it will reduce the load on your server and there is very less chance your server goes down. Also, It will increase your blog performance.

There are many good cache plugins in the WordPress directory some of the best are mentioned below.

Set Up CDN

You can use Cloudflare CDN (Content Delivery Network) in your cache plugin also. CDN helps you to deliver your content from the local nearest server available for the user who is visiting your site. Hence it will increase the performance of your website.

So go to your Cloudflare account and add the site free that you have. Change nameservers in the domain registrar from hosting nameservers to Cloudflare new nameservers. Congratulations your Cloudflare is activated.

  • CDN converts your nonsecure website to a secure website by enabling HTTPS on your website.
  • CDN minifies your HTML, CSS, and Javascript code so that your browser renders your website faster and the user has to wait for a very short time. It will also optimize your server load times.
  • CDN offers GZIP Compression which compresses the HTTP content or shrinks files like images, and databases and helps to increase the load times of your website, and also uses less bandwidth of your server.

SEO Plugin

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Plugins can help you to write optimized articles according to search engines. For example, whether Your post’s title, permalinks, images, alt text, number of words, meta tags, etc are optimized or not. Some of the best SEO plugins are mentioned below:

It can help you to write SEO-optimized articles as well as you can add your google search console, google analytics, sitemap, and much more with this one single plugin.

Image Optimization Plugin

Optimized images are the most important for your blog because using heavy or big images can make your page load extremely slowly. Nobody likes slow websites or blogs and users can backdrop your post so it can affect your SEO.

Below are some plugins which automatically optimized your images at the time when you upload images into WordPress media:

Contact Form Plugin

You can add a contact form on your contact page so that people can write their name, email, and message that they want to say to you using that contact form. It makes it easy for people to contact you. There are many best contact form plugins available in the WordPress plugins directory below are some mentioned:

Notification Plugin

Push Notification Plugins can help you to send notifications of your new posts to users who subscribed. It can increase blog post initial traffic and ranking as well. Some of them are mentioned below:

Page Builder Plugin

Page Builders are used to building awesome good looking pages in your WordPress blog which can be the turning point of your blog’s success. Page Builders can design your pages and posts as you want without any coding knowledge. There are many popular page builders there some of them are mentioned below:

Make Money through Blogging

  • Advertisement
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsored Content
  • Offer Paid Services/Subscription
  • Sell Products
making money through blogging


Advertisement is one of the best sources of income if you are just starting your blog. It can help you to generate income in the initial days when your blog is not a brand and your sales are also not enough. If you completed written 25 to 30 blog posts then you can apply for different ad networks mentioned below:

You can register here and submit your website URL and wait until your website is approved. If your website is rejected for approval then apply again after a month then you will get approval for sure.

Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Promoting other websites or personal products to something and getting a commission for promoting those products is called affiliate marketing. You have simply convinced your blog audiences to buy your affiliate products and surely you can generate good income from your blog affiliate commission.

Where and How to do Affiliate Marketing?

If your blog needs lots of products to create content like ingredients to make a recipe or writing about any tech gadgets in your tech blog then you can share affiliate links of that products to earn a commission. You can get affiliate links by registering on Amazon Affiliates or many e-commerce websites that give affiliate links to promote their products. In amazon affiliates, you can get up to 20% commission on various products. You can also promote the below-mentioned website’s products:

You can register in affiliate programs and promote their products to earn a commission from them.

Sponsored Content

Offer Paid Services/Subscription

You can sponsor others’ content and you get paid by promoting their blog posts or products or services. For example, you can enable guest posts on your blog so that people can write on your blog and can promote their blog in your blog and you make income through it. If your blog has a consistently good amount of traffic then you also get sponsorships from big companies to promote their products.

You can offer paid services like making something and selling something that everyone needs related to your blog. For example, if you are an artist then you can write blog posts on that and also do some commission works or you can add an e-commerce section on your blog to sell paintings and artworks.

Make subscription-based content like making content or posts that only your subscribers can see. You can charge a monthly subscription fee for special content.

Sell Products

If your blog is about products that are only made by you then you can sell your own products. For example, You can create your own E-Book, Merchandise, or Courses in which you have knowledge and you can sell them to make a profit.

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  3. Hi there! I realise this iss kind off off-topic but I neeced to ask.
    Does managting a well-established wewbsite like yours take
    a masive amount work? I’m brand neew to perating a blg but I
    doo writ inn myy journall evety day. I’d like tto start a blog soo I can shgare my perrsonal experience annd feelings online.
    Pleasse lett mme knw if yyou have any recommendations oor tips for new aspikring blog owners.

    1. No, Nowadays you can easily create a blog without having any knowledge of coding or web development. You just need to buy one shared hosting because it is cheap and reliable and a domain name if you buy hosting then it will give you one domain name for free. After that, you can easily install WordPress on that and start with basic themes and plugins. The more you use WordPress the more you will be familiar with WordPress.
      Go through this article and my other articles also where I have shared all the fundamentals to start a blog for beginners.
      Take a decision and share your thoughts and journal with the world. Happy blogging:)

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