52 Most Profitable Blog Niche Ideas in 2024

List of Niches for blogging

So, If you are starting a blog or have in mind to start a blog but if you are not able to decide what blog to start with or what niche to decide to start a blog then you are in right place.

What is a Blog Niche?

A Blog Niche is a topic in which bloggers write articles or topics which bloggers like or have knowledge about. By writing articles on a particular topic you and your site will become a high-authority blog and people will subscribe for the same. Just help people through your blog and search engines automatically crawl your site and give better rankings.

Blogs topics are of different types:-

Passion-Based: You write a blog about which you are passionate or have very good knowledge.

Interest-Based: You can a blog which are trending right now or is shown some interest by the audience.

I recommend choosing the first type because if you follow your passion then you never run out of content and success will follow you.

How to Find Blog Niche?

Here you will find the most profitable niches for your blog which you can start with and follow your passion with some good earnings. Here you have got all Niches and also micro-niches of that big niche. Below you find your passion niche and can write faster on which you like the most.


glass of coin with plant

Finance is the most popular and most profitable blog niche on the list. According to Ahref number of people who search for finance word on google is on average 6 million per month. So selecting a finance niche can make your blog profitable. If you want to know the traffic of any topics/niches then you can use Ahref free keyword tool.

If your blog gets a good amount of traffic then you can make $1000 easily or even more every single month from affiliate marketing by promoting finance-related products/services. If you want to apply for an ads program like Google Adsense or Media.net it is also profitable because the average CPC of Finance Niche is $61.


Cryptocurrency Niche getting more hype from 2022 and also continues in upcoming years as you know from the current scenario of bitcoin. People are taking interest in crypto coins and some of them are making a profit also. So, If you have knowledge about cryptocurrency then you can write and help people to buy and sell their crypto coins and also help them to make a profit. You can also promote some crypto apps and websites and earn referrals through them.

Investment Advice

Many people are unaware of the investment or are afraid of losing money. You can help them by giving advice like where and how to invest and make a profit out of it or for future savings through your blog. You can give advice like investing in mutual funds, stocks, etc, and also you can earn a commission through it.

Budgeting / Shopping

You can give advice through your blog that how to keep a budget or shop finance-related topics around their shopping and give them advice on what to and when to shop to save money and your budget. You can list out the best products like Groceries, toys, or much more that are available at very cheap rates in particular shops or malls.

Retirement Saving

Another very good financial niche is to help people to save money for their future or for their retirement. Because many people suffer in their retirement because when they are young they are not invested their money. So, help them by giving the advice to open FD, RD, or log term SIPs to save the money that will them near future or their retirement.

Financial Independence

Tell your readers how to become financially independent through your blog. Everyone today wants to become financially independent in their 20s. Help them and give them advice on how to earn money and save money so that they become financially independent at an early age.


Education material

Education is the second most profitable niche on the list because everyone needs education. But they are quite confused about how and where to take or give the right education to their children. So you can help them by giving advice about the best materials, courses, and careers to choose for their future. Also, if you want your blog to be future proof then start an education blog because the everyday world and education continuously changing.

Study Tips

You can give study tips to students about their syllabus and help them how to study and manage their time for their studies. You can also write some tips like how to improve your writing or tips to write better answers in exams.

Online Courses

You can recommend the best courses online to students like coding, drawing, or personality development courses which help them to get extra skills or help them in their studies. You can also earn affiliate commissions from the courses you sell.

College Planning

Tell the students to plan their career paths. Most of the students get confused between lots of career paths you can help them to simplify. You can also recommend the best colleges for a particular course/degree.

Career Roadmap

You can create different roadmaps of different career paths and write them on your blog to help students to choose. It can solve students’ most confusing part of life.

Language Learning

Every person has to relocate for a job from one country, city, or state to another. Then they face language issues with another person. So, here you can write articles on your blog best ways to learn a new language in a month. You can also recommend language learning platforms, courses, or tutorials.

Health and Fitness

girl doing yoga

As you know, nowadays people have a more stressful life compared to 10 years ago. So people are more depressed, and people are taking depression pills while they are working. Also, the current years are the IT era where most people shifting to IT jobs and have mental stress, eye problems, and back problems as well. You can share home remedies to cure problems or you can recommend the best health specialist. You can also earn a good affiliate commission by promoting health and fitness-related products.

Mental Health

You can write resources to help or reduce mental health. If you have knowledge of health then you can recommend some treatments for good mental health.

Healthy Eating

At this time people like to eat fast foods and junk foods and hence they gain weight and have a lot of health issues. You can make a diet plan for people of different heights, weights, and eating habits and write it on your blog. You can also write about food and its nutritional value with its benefits of eating.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation are also necessary along with mental and healthy eating. You can write about different yogas and their benefits to your body. You can also give advice to people through yoga who are suffering from particular problems and give tips about meditation also.

Weight Loss

If you are a fitness trainer or have lost weight by yourself then you can write about how to lose weight by doing this and that exercise or include this plan in your daily diet.


If you are a sports person or love sports then this niche is for you. You can write about sports and their benefits to the body and mental health. Also, you can promote sports equipment to earn an affiliate commission.

Workout Ideas / Tips

If you are a fitness trainer then give people ideas or tips for workouts through your blogs. Also, write the benefits of a particular exercise or treatment on your body.

Exercise Equipment Reviews

From all the above-discussed niches on health and fitness, you can buy all equipment so that you can review it and earn an affiliate commission through it.


boy wearing VR

Every day technology is changing our day-to-day lives. Technology is changing and we have to change according to that so that we can compete with others or we way back the time. People are demanding their businesses to be online or students are studying online. So everyone is online today and connecting people through social media for their needs.

Web Design / Development

Web design and Web Development is a very booming niche and also its demand will keep increasing near future. You can write a blog related to websites like how to make a website or blog into WordPress or you can help people to make one for them and you can charge them also. Because, Everyone needs a website nowadays, If you don’t have a website then your business will not grow as compared to others whose business is online.

Software / Mobile App Review

You can become a tech instructor or review on your blog. You can use different software and mobile apps and share tips and tricks about them or write a detailed review about them. When your blog gets a high amount of traffic then many companies may approach you to make reviews of their software and mobile apps and you can charge them for that.

Programming and Coding Tutorials / Tips

The coding niche is booming day by day as many people shift their careers from non-It to IT and take jobs because IT jobs have high salaries than any other profession. So, If you are a coder then you can help people to learn code through your blog.

Game Reviews / Tips

If you are a gamer or a game lover then you can play different games and review them online through your blog. This may help people to decide whether to play that game or not.

Future Techs

You can write about recent technologies which are evolving or future techs that are available after some year years or near future. People who are interested in technology niche like this type of futuristic article also.



A travel blog can be a game changer if you like traveling and have good skills in photography. Remember one thing, travel blogs are visual blogs means people take interest in particular places by seeing photos and reviews not by reading only the pros and cons of that place. So, add photos or visual content as much as possible.

Local / International Travel Tips

You can guide people about places that are local/near to you and make a blog on that also. You can share local prices of hotels and paths to arrive destination with less price or the best places to go in this city or country. If you know about international places also then you can guide/write a blog the same as local.

Travel Hacks / Tips

Most people are ready to travel but they do not know about hacks/tips for traveling. Here you play an important role, You can give tips about how to get discounts on hotels and food. You can also give tips like what and what not to take while traveling.

Abroad Living

Many people and students are not traveling actually they are relocating for their jobs and studies and they are completely unknown to the new country. You can help them by writing on your blog about the best colleges to study or the best jobs in our country or state or city.

Vacation Planning

You can recommend the best places for vacation or help them to find places or paths they are searching for. You can also give them a list of todos or places to visit in a particular country or state or city.

Travel Related Products

You can recommend some products related to places like recommend them sunscreen for hot places so that their skin cannot tan. You can earn a good affiliate commission by promoting this travel product.

Food and Drink

beverage with wine

If you are a food lover or have a passion for cooking then this topic is for you. You can write different types of recipes from different parts of the world. If your blog gets traffic then you can generate good earnings from Google AdSense or any other ads platform.

Cooking Tips

You can cooking tips on your blog like 8 tips to make proper chocolate cake. You can also help them with the proper amount of ingredients to be used in this recipe with their pros and cons if the quantity of the ingredient is not proper.


You can write recipes on your blog like start writing with the recipe ingredients to be needed, then write about a recipe like the time to make this recipe. Then you can also write the nutrition of the recipes.

Cooking for Kids

Kids like food that is colorful and foods full of sugar which may affect their health so you can help their parents to cook food for their kids which are colorful and look tasty. So that their kids enjoy the healthy recipe. You can write lots of kids-related recipes there and also give tip to make recipe looks good and tasty.

Restaurant and Bar Reviews / Menu

If you are a food lover as well as a traveler then this is for you. You can review the best restaurants and their recipes, taste the recipe gives the pros and cons of the restaurant, you can also add menus of the restaurant, and mention low-budget restaurants also for people who have a low budget.

Vegan Cooking

Most people are vegan and they are searching for vegan recipes here you can write recipes that are purely vegan.


tap and laptop open with the ott app

Entertainment is a niche that never ends every people needs entertainment after work or study. Nowadays it is more convenient for people to access entertainment people have OTT apps for movies and series and also they have social media for entertainment. You can review these apps/websites or movies/web series or share news related to entertainment.

TV Shows / Movies Reviews

If you love to watch tv shows and movies then you can write a detailed review of particular tv shows or movies and rate them from 1 to 10. People found helpful these reviews and they can decide whether to see tv shows or movies or not.

TV Shows / Movies Guide

This topic is the same as above the difference is that you can recommend to people what is in the tv shows and movies and the storyline. You can also write best places or theaters to watch those movies.

Standup Comedy

You can write about standup comedy or promote or organize standup comedy and write on your blog about ticket prices, show places to be held, and much more.

Live Music / Music Reviews / Guide

You can listen to music and write a detailed review of it. If the music language is not understandable for all people then you translate the whole music/song into their native and write on your blog also. You can add details like what the music is about, who made this music, and how it feels while listening to this music.

Show / Movies Cast and Crew Information

If you like movies very much you can share a movie story in short with some suspense also you can about the cast and crew working in this movie.

Beauty and Fashion

bag and 3 colored lipstick

Beauty and Fashion topics have very high potential because people are searching for beauty tips and fashion guides on the internet. Blogger earns revenue using two methods in this niche that is first using Google Adsense and second using affiliate marketing by promoting beauty and fashion products.

Fashion Tips / Reviews

You can use different fashion products and can write tips about fashion and give reviews of the fashion you use like how soft that jacket is or whether is it worth buying this fake leather jacket.

Makeup Tips / Reviews

If you are a makeup artist or have knowledge about makeup then this topic is for you. You can write tips and tricks for makeup and also give reviews on makeup and earn through affiliate marketing whenever any people buy the same product that you are using.

Hair Styling Tips

You can share hair styling tips like 15 ways to style your hair also you can share tips to increase hair health or how to take care of your hair on your blog.

Skincare Tips

You can share your skincare routines, tips, and products to use on your skin and you can earn by promoting these products also.

Fashion Accessories Reviews

Fashion comes with accessories also like watches, neckless, caps, and much more. You can try each accessory on your own and give a detailed review on your blog so that people can know the products well.


family enjoying

Lots of people don’t know how to take care of their child and their child’s health or they become parents recently so they don’t know how to manage babies. This niche is very profitable and also it has very high potential in the future because people nowadays are very busy and want support for their babies. Here you can recommend the best foods, baby products, and best places to go with your babies so that they can learn new things and earn a good commission out of it.

Parenting Tips

You can give parenting tips like at what age and what curriculum activities to do for your child. You can write about how to better take care of your child’s hair, health, and much more. You can also give study tips to parents for their children.

Child Development

Many of the activities help their children to develop and grow well. You can write about the different extra skills that children have to acquire with different age groups like how to develop personality, learn fluent English, or learn different sports as per your child’s interest.

Kids Drawing / Craft

This is the sub-category niche of child development and it is profitable also. You can write a different article about how to draw, draw, or art and craft related and explain it step by step. In this way, children learn drawing, art, and craft from you and if it goes correctly then you can take online classes on weekends for some extra revenue.


If you are a mom or have knowledge about pregnancy then you can write a blog where you explain all pregnancy-related articles like how to be healthy, sleep and take care of yourself while pregnant, and much more.

Child Events / Places

You can organize different events like dance, drawing, and easy writing competitions and give awards to the winners. You can also organize online contests as well. For your revenue, you can charge a minimal amount for the participants.

Pets and Animals

house of dogs

In today’s world, many peoples are really depressed and like to live their life alone. So, people are buying pets so that they are not alone and depressed but they don’t know how to take care of their pets. Here you can help people by writing articles on different pets like how to take care of dogs, cats, or your pets. What food and health care products are best for your dog or pets?

Pets Parenting Tips

Give tips and tricks to the owners of the pets like how to and often bath your pet or how and what health precautions should be taken for your pets. You can help them with your experience with pets.

Pets Training

You can give information on your blog about how to train your pets like how to train your pets to behave well and be discipline.

Pet Products Reviews

You can review your pet’s products or different pet products and from there you can make revenue from affiliate commissions from the products you promote on your blog. But make sure people are more sensitive about their pets so give genuine reviews they are believing you so don’t try to give fake reviews.

Photo of Pets / Animals

Most people including me like to watch pet’s cute photos or videos. So, you can make one blog or website where you can share photos or videos of pets or any niche you like. People are sharing their pet’s images and videos on social media and selling their pet’s products you can also be one of them.

Pets Health Tips

If you are a Veterinarian then you can share health tips on your blogs like what food to give to your dog or something like that.


All niches are good and profitable but you have to find which one is a better fit for you. Because many people start blogs by seeing others and starting their blog. It’s all about your passion if you have passion in any of the niches then you will be never out of content, follow your passion not follow others.

If you decided which niche to choose then you have one question in your mind which is the right domain registrar to choose to register your domain – click here.

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