10 Best Popular WordPress Themes of 2024

Best WordPress Themes 2022

If you want to start a blog and looking for the best free WordPress themes, this article is for you and clear your doubts about WordPress Themes.

Designing a blog/website with themes is necessary because the first impression is the last. People have more interest in your blog if it has a beautiful, responsive, and modern design; hence, people spend more time on your blogs by reading articles.

In this article, We discuss all WordPress themes that are free, best, and optimized for faster loading times.

Building and Designing your WordPress Site with Best Themes

Before you choose the best themes for your WordPress site you have to choose a niche, buy a domain and choose a good hosting where you can host your WordPress blog.

Choosing a niche is very necessary to grow in a competitive market. People choose small niches and get success because small or micro niches have low competition than large or big niches. After choosing a good niche you can now buy a domain name related to your niche from the best domain name registrar.

After that, you have to host your WordPress blog in a good hosting company. Choosing good hosting is very important otherwise your website is down whenever anyone visits your website.

Here we are using Hostinger hosting for our blogs and it’s very good, affordable, and has many features and tools for free. You can get web hosting for just $1.99/month and on some plans, you also get a free domain name for 1 year and you can add unlimited websites to higher plans.

Hostinger Hosting Plans

We have an article that discussed all points on how to start a blog which is briefly explained. You can read and get all the important points that need to start your own blog.

That being said, now taken over to Best WordPress Themes that you can use to build and design your website.

1. GeneratePress

GeneratePress Theme Website Image

You can choose the GeneratePress theme blindly because it is the most fastest and optimized theme for WordPress. It has optimized performance and fast loading time because this theme is just 30kb which is great compared to other themes. Other themes may be 200kb or even exceed 1MB also.

Well, it has lots of customizations you can customize the header, navigation (you can add a different navigation bar with sticky header menus), sidebar layout, and blog post layout, and you can also customize the footer.

It has many customizations but if you want more or want to design your blog/website better then you can also use their Premium Theme starting at just $59/year. They also have a plan of $249 which give you a theme with lifetime updates.

Here we tested with basic and simple content on Pingdom and look how fast and optimized generatepress is.

  • Has a performance grade of 96
  • Has a page size of 19.4 KB
  • Load time is just 811 ms(milliseconds)
  • it only requests 4 HTTP request
GeneratePress SpeedTest on PingDom

You can get many free plugins on the WordPress plugins directory which is made by the creator of GaneratePress developer. Which may help to optimize the generatepress theme better.

2. Kadence

kadence WP Theme Website

Kadence is new compared to other themes but it gaining popularity very fast because of its ease of use and stylish design. It has lots of ready-made templates for your blog and business which looks stylish and attractive at the same time.

This theme comes in both free and premium and we are using this on this blog also. The free version gives you more customization as compared to other themes available in the market. You can customize the header, footer, post layout, and much more in their free version.

Along with a good theme, Kadence also has many WordPress plugins available in both free and premium. Kadence also has a plugin called Kadence Blocks which is a page builder that helps you to create pages without any coding knowledge.

3. Astra

Astra Theme Website

Astra is the most popular theme and is also optimized well for your blog/website and also for WooCommerce(eCommerce) website. This theme is created for the fastest performance when you create a blog, a business website, or an eCommerce website. This theme is a multipurpose theme so you can use it on any type of website you want to create.

The free version also gives you many features which are required to create your blog. You can customize the header, footer, and also their styles. They also have many starter templates which create your blog/website with just one click.

This theme is SEO optimized means which may help you to rank higher on google or other search engines.

You can also buy their Astra Pro add-on theme which has more features on the navbar, blog layouts, site layout, sticky header, and much more. You can choose any pro plans by paying manually as well as for a lifetime.

4. OceanWP

OceanWP Theme Website

OceanWP is also a popular multipurpose theme and is highly optimized for all types of websites. It’s free and has all features which are required to make any type of website you want like a blog, eCommerce, or business website.

You can customize many things like header, footer styles, sidebar layouts, blog or page layouts, and much more in the free version. This theme is WooCommerce-compatible and optimized. So if you are starting an eCommerce business then choose this theme.

Many free plugins you can get for this theme in the WordPress plugins directory can increase your website/blog functionality on the OceanWp theme. OceanWp is also highly optimized for SEO so that it can rank on google or other search engines quickly.

If you want to buy their Pro Plans then you can have both annual and lifetime plans.

5. Neve

Neve WordPress Theme Website

Neve is a very good multipurpose theme and has all features you need to start your own blog. When you install it you are ready to go because it is very simple and gives a very good design out of the box. It also has all customizations that you want to customize for your type of website. It has many pre-built templates which you can use to design your website.

This theme supports all page builders like Elementor, SiteOrigin, Divi, and much more. You can simply create your website using drag-and-drop tools without writing any single lines of code.

All themes in this article support page builders but I recommend using Elementor because it is the most popular page builder and gives all features which are free to use.

6. Twenty Twenty-Two

twenty twenty two theme website

Twenty Twenty Two is the theme of WordPress only and it got more popular after WordPress 6 was launched. WordPress 6 has the feature of full site editing and it is the only theme that supports full site editing until now. Full site editing is the feature where you see and edit live websites before you publish your custom design. This feature is similar to most page builder plugins.

Because this theme is developed by the official WordPress team so it is highly optimized for WordPress websites. You get a sidebar to edit your page as you want without a living editing area.

7. Hello Elementor

hello elementor theme website

Hello-Elementor theme is developed by the Elementor team and has to most popular theme builder plugin called Elementor. It is also the fastest theme with minimal design and is compatible with the Elementor plugin.

Hello-Elementor theme is simple and easy to use and you can design each and every part of the website using the Elementor page builder plugin. You can use both the theme and plugin for free and if you want more features then you can also buy their Elementor Pro plugin.

You can also buy their Cloud Website Builder where you get all the Pro things like Theme, Editor as well Hosting. Where you don’t need to buy hosting, themes, and plugins separately and build your website on your own, Elementor has this one-stop solution for you.

8. Ultra

ultra theme website

Ultra is also a very good theme and it is very optimized. You can use their ready-made templates to create a website/blog with one click. This theme is very beginners friendly means it has a drag and drops feature and also you can use WordPress Gutenberg to make a website without writing a single line of code.

You can customize its header and footer, and you can create multiple sidebars, custom widgets, social media integration, and much more. It is a very responsive theme and it looks great on all devices. For more features, you can buy its pro theme.

9. PopularFx

popularfx theme website

PopularFx is a very beautiful and stylish theme and is highly optimized for SEO(Search Engine Optimization. This theme basic feature gives you all features that you need to create your website/blog. It also has many pre-made templates that you can use to design your blog without any customizations.

The free version itself gives customizations of the header and footer, sidebar, grid gallery, image slider, and much more and it is also compatible with WordPress Gutenberg editor.

For more features, you can buy their pro version. Their Pro version has lots more customizations which may help you to design your blog better than the free version.

10. Hestia

hestia theme website

Hestia is also a very good-looking theme and is useful for small business sites, eCommerce, magazine sites, and much more. Hestia has a free plugin that helps you to create or design website sections like a homepage, card sections, and much more.

It is WooCommerce ready theme and can be used with any page builder plugins like Elementor, Divi, SiteOrigin, etc. This theme is easy to set up and use.

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