11 Best SEO Plugins and Tools for WordPress To Use for Your Blog in 2024

Best SEO Plugins and Tools

Well, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not easy. Without using any SEO plugins or tools it is harder to rank your website or blog in Google and even harder to have your website pages to search engines.

Search engines work as per the algorithm and knowing that algorithm is not that easy. So some SEO plugins and tools help you find more searched or low competitive keywords that would rank fast on search engines and some of them can help you write better and more meaningful content.

Slow load times also can affect your website’s SEO so you need to install plugins that help your website to improve load time like Cache Plugins. You can also use sound and fast lightweight WordPress themes to improve load times. We have written very deep articles on this topic so you should check out those.

So, In this article, we mentioned all SEO tools and plugins for WordPress that you should use which helps you write more meaningful content and also may help you to rank higher on Google or any search engines. We also share all the features of every tool and plugin we use for all our websites.

Best WordPress SEO Plugins

Here is the list of best SEO plugins mentioned below and we discuss the best SEO tools later in this article.

1. Rank Math SEO

Rank Math SEO Plugin

Rank Math is the popular plugin with over 1+ million downloads and we are using it on all our sites. It has a very easy UI (User Interface) you can install from the WordPress directory and feel very friendly after using it. It is the SEO plugin that has almost all features in its free plan and also has paid plans to get more ideas and features about SEO.

After installation, it redirects you to the setup wizard which asks for information about your website and asks you whether it’s a blog, news, or business site.

Rank Math Dashboard

If you missed some setup wizard or want to change it then you can go to Rank Math from WordPress Dashboard where you can find all SEO settings that you can set according to your need. You can run the setup wizard again and also import or export all settings from an existing website as shown in the above image.

After the whole setup of your site is done you can see all SEO details on all pages like posts, pages, and categories.

Rank Math Posts SEO details

Also, you get a very nice awesome screen on the dashboard which is an analytics of Rank Math where you can track all things related to SEO like total impressions, total clicks, the average position of your website, and a lot more.

Rank Math Overview

The main and most important feature of this plugin is when you add a new post or edit an existing post now you can see all SEO settings for a particular post on your right side where you can get all previews and you can set snippets like title, permalink, and description which are shown on google.

Rank Math Add Post SEO

You can set focus keywords and it will show you all basic SEO and give you all ideas on how you improve your article or post according to the search engine algorithms.

Along with this, it has lots of features like you can set up Google Analytics and a search console with this plugin and keep track of all the traffic on your site. Features like breadcrumbs, 404 monitors, and XML sitemap and it has a spotless interface that beginners can easily understand and take all the advantages of the features in both its free and paid plugins.

It generates sitemap and robots.txt which tells Google which pages and posts are to be indexed on Google and what not. You can change them according to your needs. It works well with all types of sites whether it’s a business, e-commerce, or a personal blog site. It is a very optimized plugin and works well on any type of website.

2. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO is also a very popular plugin among all with over 5+ million downloads on WordPress. It has nice features in its free plugin and if you want more control on your SEO then you can go for its paid plugin also.

After installation, you can go to a first-time configuration page that asks you about your site you have to fill in all related fields and then you are ready to go. You can go to settings and set up all the configurations according to your needs.

Yoast SEO Settings page

You can setups like changing SEO for pages, posts, and categories, Crawler optimization is also there for better reach to search engines. This has more features like Breadcrumbs, You can set which pages, posts, and categories should not be crawled by Google or any search engines.

You can change site representation and site connections where you can set up all search consoles that crawl your website whenever any changes are made to your website. This plugin automatically generates an XML sitemap which helps search engines to know whether any new URLs are there to crawl.

This plugin made you easily add SEO titles and descriptions and all the open graph metadata into your all posts and pages. You can set it up by adding posts or pages below your main content. It is a very optimized plugin and it won’t affect the load times of your website.

3. All-In-One SEO

All-IN-ONE SEO Plugin

AIO SEO is also the best plugin in the market and has over 3+ million downloads with a 5-star rating on WordPress. As per its name, it has all the features that you need in any SEO plugin and its pro version gives you more SEO information to easily integrate SEO.

This plugin helps you to improve your website’s search rankings in a very easy way without having very much knowledge about complicated SEO. Simple and easy steps for setup at the time of the first installation.

All In One SEO Settings

AIO SEO plugin gives you a dashboard from which you can manage all settings for your website’s overall SEO. You can see all SEO features or settings and even change settings from the options given in the sidebar like settings set for webmaster tools, changing breadcrumb styles, and RSS content in the free version, ChatGPT AI Tools, Video SEO, News Sitemaps, and more on the pro version.

This plugin automatically generates a smart sitemap.xml file comes with rich snippet schema markup for your site and adds all pages/posts URLs automatically which Google or other search engines can crawl. You have many options on the WordPress sidebar where you can do all kinds of SEO settings like search appearance, social networks, sitemaps, link assistant, redirects, local SEO, and much more.

You can change the search appearance where you can set how your posts and pages would appear in search engines. The plugin comes with built-in social media integration to add open graph metadata because of this you can choose which thumbnails to show your posts on social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

AIO SEO plugin is also suitable for woo-commerce plugins for your e-commerce sites. This includes different SEO options for your e-commerce site like product page optimizations product image SEO, and much more.

The plugin has an option with Link Assistant which is very different from other SEO plugins and allows you to add internal links, You can get linking suggestions in real-time and also can add bulk internal links with few clicks.

All In One SEO post setting.

You got all SEO statistics on the WordPress dashboard and set SEO settings for posts/pages when you add new or edit existing posts/pages you can see all SEO settings below the post/page you are currently working on.

This plugin gives you statistics on the dashboard from where you can get all information about your WordPress website or blog and can go through your all SEO things are correct or not. It also shows traffic and clicks in the same dashboard in their paid version.

Overall all features are available in this plugin which you need in your website or blog to grow and has the best reputation in seo plugins market. It works on any type of website like blog, news, article, e-commerce, and more.

4. SEO Press

Seo Press SEO Plugin

SEO Press is also a very good and famous plugin with 200k+ downloads from 2017 to the present in the WordPress directory. It has all the features that you need to optimize your blog or website. Now you can also generate meta titles and things using AI(Artificial intelligence). You can easily edit the meta box with any page builder plugin. Import and export metadata and settings from one website to another or on the same website.

After the installation, it gives you an installation wizard where you can set up and give information about your website It is very quick and easy. They give you a large number of features in their free plan. It has the feature of Google Indexing and Bing Indexing API from which you can index your website and it automatically sends page index requests whenever you change or add any posts or pages.

SEO Press Dashboard

It has many more features you can analyze your content, custom fields, and taxonomy in your titles, meta description, Google knowledge graph, custom canonical URL, and image XML sitemap with HTML sitemap, and the most amazing feature is you can create custom XML sitemaps also. It has very good image optimization features video optimization and SEO features also.

You can remove any path like removing category and product category from URLs. You can redirect any posts and pages to custom URLs or routes. More features like image SEO, export and import to other SEO plugins, Breadcrumbs, Google Structured data types like article schema, how to schema, and much more.

It supports custom breadcrumbs, a WooCommerce plugin, you can edit your robots.txt file, 404 redirecting, custom home page URL, you can set up RSS feeds, and also can edit your htaccess file if you have knowledge about it.

You can use any SEO plugin listed above because all have a very good reputation in the market, are used by many famous high-traffic websites, and have many features in their free versions.


MonsterInsights SEO Plugin

MonsterInsights is the best WordPress Plugin to see analytics of your website after installing and setup up your Google Analytics account. it gives you data of traffic how much traffic your website is gaining. How many users are visiting your website and the average time of the user on your website? Also, you can see from where and which country your visitors coming from.

You can use it on e-commerce websites as well and check which products are on trending and working well on your site and which are not and then you can decide better which products to be promoted using social media or any other platform. Some will rely on guesswork and start ads on any product but now with this plugin, you have the right strategies for marketing the product and the product’s SEO.

You can record and receive your changes on the website, website page, metadata, and meta title, and can check are working well after changes. Will they work well or affect your website’s overall ranking you can get an idea after adding annotation on your MonsterInsights Plugin.

Basically using this plugin you can keep track of your website traffic, particular country traffic, and performance, and record the necessary information to use them to rank better on search engines that help you grow your blog or business perfectly.

Best WordPress SEO Tools

Here are some best SEO tools you can use to increase the overall SEO performance of your website and rank your website on the first page of Google or any other Search Engine. From these tools, you get an idea of how to research keywords and use them in articles. Also, you know how to submit/index your new pages and posts to search engines and a lot more.

1. Google Search Console

Google Search Console SEO Tool

Google Search Console is the tool where you can submit your website and this tool can help you and your website in many ways.

it shows you all pages that have some issues or are not been crawled and indexed on Google. you can see those issues and try to resolve them. Now, after fixing issues all pages and posts of your website have good SEO according to the tool may help you to increase your impressions on Google or any search engines.

This tool shows impressions of your website, keywords in which your website is ranking on Google or any other search engines, also show links and anchor tags, and much more. You can get this keyword and use it to optimize posts and pages for better and higher rankings on search engines.

2. SEMRush

SEMRush SEO Tool

SEMRush is also one of the best SEO tools for anyone whether they are bloggers, marketers, or anything else they can use it and make their business successful with the help of search engines.

Using SEMRush you can search and get organic keywords and their competition so that you can use those keywords and rank your website faster on search engines. Recommend searching low competitive keywords If you are a beginner then you beat many websites that are on top of those keywords if your content is also better than theirs.

This tool allows you to generate SEO templates and gives you suggestions about your content which makes it easier to rank your pages and post on Google or any other search engine using page templates. It is very much compatible and easily integrates with the All In One SEO (AIOSEO) Plugin. Using this plugin you can get keywords, keyword volume, keyphrases, and much more right onto your WordPress plugin dashboard.

3. Ahref

Ahrefs SEO Tool

Ahrefs is also a very good SEO tool and it offers a variety of things. It is used by many professional bloggers and marketers. This is the all-in-one tool for your SEO needs and also gives some free tools if you are just starting your website or blog.

Using this tool you can research keywords, know the keyword difficulty of a particular keyword, keyword rankings, SEO audits, and much more. It offers all of this free also but with limitations, you can use them on its website.

It offers a content analysis tool that may help you to improve the content on your blog and may also help you to rank better on search engines.

You can get all content keywords and their details on which your competitors are ranking. You can also check competitors’ website backlinks so that you can also make valuable backlinks and make your website top of the competitor’s website. It also identifies content duplicity and keyword capitalization which helps you to change the content and rank better on search engines.

4. Keywordtool.io

KeywordTool IO SEO Tool

Keywordtool.io is a website that also has many features like others in this list. You can find keywords for free in their free plan but if you want more information about particular keywords like volume, or monthly search then you need to go for their paid plans also.

Not only you can find Google’s trending keywords but also have many search engines like YouTube, Google Play, Instagram, Amazon, and many more. You can also use them and grow your business or online presence on social media. You can use it to find trending keywords of e-commerce and then use them to rank first on e-commerce search engines.

5. Ubber Suggest

UberSuggest SEO Tool

Uber Suggest is the tool created by Neil Patel where you can find keywords of a particular country and also see the keyword’s monthly search volume, SEO difficulty, paid difficulty, and the CPC (Cost Per Click) if you run ads and how much you spend to get one click.

If someone has the same domain name of which you search for a keyword then it also shows how many backlinks are there of that particular domain. You can also get a detailed table where they show all related keywords, their density, search volumes, paid difficulty, search difficulty, and CPC. You can use them to grow and compete with your competitors online.

It also provides content ideas related to the keyword which you can use and add to your title to reach more users and much more. If you want to advance research on keywords then to have to go for their paid plans.

6. SEO Quake

SEO Quake SEO Tool

SEO Quake is a tool for SEOs who want to analyze the content they want to write. It is an SEO extension available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. It is the most downloaded Chrome extension related to SEO.

It shows all the website’s information like website health, Alexa rank, health, and much more in the toolbar. Not only this it shows you website information when you search on Google or any search engines and you can take that data also export it to CSV for later use and make your website better in SEO which makes your website or blog rank better on Search Engines.


You can use any of the SEO plugins for a better understanding of your content which may help you rank on Google or any other search engines. Also use the SEO tools you wish because the more you research keywords the more you get an idea of how to use those keywords and get results out of it like traffic, clicks, or sales.

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