7 Best WordPress Page Builders of 2024 to Design Your Website

Best WordPress Page Builders

WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS (Content Management System) and has many features that an individual can create a website without having any coding knowledge.

There are many good-looking WordPress Themes that are freely available on the WordPress theme page but sometimes you may need to customize the normal theme or pages of your website to the extraordinary design then you need coding skills.

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If you don’t have coding skills then you have one option is to use WordPress page builders plugins to create outstanding designs for your blog or website with their drag-and-drop feature without writing any single line of code.

What is Page Builder?

If you know the earlier time if any person wants to make a website or blog then they need to know coding in different fields like Front-End and Back-End like HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, and much more. In this case, if you want your website then you have to hire web developers with good development knowledge.

But after WordPress, things have changed and now you can make websites or blogs with just one click and you are done. WordPress is open source and it’s free to use you can install it on any Web Hosting platform with just one click and you don’t any coding skills.

But sometimes you have to design or customize your blog or website in a different way that WordPress or WordPress Themes don’t provide then you have to code manually HTML and CSS for that page. Now you don’t need to know any HTML and CSS just use page builders which gives you a platform to design your blogs or websites by just using their drag-and-drop feature rest of the things will be handled by page builders.

By using page builders you can create amazing, complex, and responsive mobile-friendly webpage layouts with minimal time, knowledge, and effort.

Why use Page Builders for WordPress?

Many beginners who are just starting their blog or website using WordPress don’t have much knowledge about customizing WordPress page layouts.

Many WordPress themes give free or paid templates that you can import with one click but if you want your blog design to look good as well as unique then what to do. At that time beginners ask how to customize our page designs without writing any code or by doing just drag and drop.

Well, you can use page builders for WordPress but there are many page builders out there and it’s sometimes very confusing for users to choose which page builder is best for their website or blog.

Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins

So, we are here to discuss and compare which is the best and perfect fit for your next blog to design. We not only give you the best but also compare all the features like design output, and ease of using each page builder.

1. Elementor

Elementor Page Builder

Elementor comes first in the list because it is the most popular, widely used, and has over 5+ million downloads on WordPress plugin pages. It has all features which beginners or expert needs to create their website or blogs like professionals. The main highlight of this page builder is you can customize your website or blog live using their drag and drop feature.

You can create almost all types of websites with this page builder like blogs website, e-commerce websites, and forum websites. You name it and this page builder can do it for you. This page builder is used by many popular and professional bloggers on their websites. Also, it is compatible with almost all WordPress Themes available.

You can create lots of sections, and columns then drag and drop things to the right side wherever you want from the left-side tools list. In a simple way, you can drag things which and how you want to show on your web page.

Elementor page builder has tons of widgets which need to create a beautiful webpage. You can have images, text, and more advanced widgets like social, testimonials, social media, icons, and much more. Each widget has its own settings you can change colors, fonts, and much more, and also you can add widgets that are created by other WordPress Plugins. All the tools, sections, and widgets are completely mobile responsive and you can also customize mobile pages differently.

If you don’t want to design your blog or website from scratch then you can also use their ready-to-use templates which create outstanding websites with just one click.

Elementor Pro starts at just $59/year for a single site license which enables more essential features which is not available in the free plan. If you want to use their pro version on more than one website then you can buy their advance, expert, or agency plan also.

2. Page Builder by SiteOrigin

SiteOrigin Page Builder

SiteOrigin is also a drag-and-drop page builder with over a million downloads which is also available both free and paid. You can create beautiful and responsive mobile-friendly web pages using this page builder.

This page builder is compatible with most WordPress Themes but choosing the products or tools made by SiteOrigin will be better. SiteOrigin is an all-in-one-stop solution for beginners as well as for professionals because they have its own themes and plugins.

Pages created with this plugin are fast, optimized, reliable, and good-looking. This plugin is easy to use and also has many features but is not visually appealing. This means you can customize your pages but it is not visually appealing like Elementor, but you can design any type of complex website or blog as per your need.

One of the main advantages of this plugin is it generates less output code means it generates low code for the same page as compared to other page builders. That means it is highly optimized which is good for page speed.

It is free but has some limitations and if you want to access more features like call-to-action, contact form, accordion, and much more. Then you have to buy their premium plans starting from $29 for 1 website, $49 for up to 5 websites, and $99 for unlimited websites.

3. SeedProd

Seedprod Page Builder

SeedProd is also a premium theme which also has over 1+ million downloads on the WordPress plugins page. It is also a drag-and-drop page builder which helps you to create or customize pages, posts, and even themes. Yes, you heard it right, you can create WordPress Themes using this plugin also without writing any single lines of code.

Its user interface is very easy to use and has features to customize your page live. If you do not want to create pages from scratch then you can use their 100s of pre-built page templates like landing pages, post pages, maintenance mode pages, e-commerce pages, custom form pages, login and registration pages, and much more.

While some of the page builders have these same features but their codes are not highly optimized means their codes sometimes become bloated because of using the same elements again and again. Some may feel slow loading with other page builders.

Well, this is not the case with SeedProd page builder because this page builder is highly known for its optimization codes and hence gets high speed which is good for SEO.

It generates fewer codes or less bloated pages because it follows the reusable system, so you can save time and effort to create the same elements, blocks, pages, fonts, colors, and sections every time and re-use those elements which you have already created before. Because of the re-usable of things, it generates fewer codes as compared to other page builders.

SeedProd is compatible with almost all WordPress themes and plugins available in the market. It is available for free but if you want good features then you have to go for the paid version starting at just $39/year for 1 site and for more sites, you can go further plans.

4. Beaver Builder

Beaver Page Builder

Beaver Page Builder is also a very good and popular drag-and-drop page builder with over 200k+ downloads and it is also available in both free and premium versions.

It is a very easy-to-use user interface but has a little bit learning curve. It has drag-and-drop live edit features like other page builders in the list. You can simply drag the elements from the right side and drop them into the page wherever you want. You can create an awesome design using this page builder.

Almost all modules are available in their page builder like a carousel, content section or block, buttons, colors, sliders, and much more. You can make all types of designs using this plugin there are no limitations. The codes and pages generated by this plugin are highly optimized and mobile-friendly.

You can also create pages using their ready-to-use templates with just one click. Like other page builders it doesn’t generate any shortcodes instead of it plugin creates a pure design using only HTML and CSS.

Beaver Page Builder is also compatible with almost all WordPress themes and plugins available out there. For advanced customization, you have to buy their premium plan starting at $99/year for unlimited websites and some more plans which give you some more features and tools to customize your blog or website.

5. Themify Builder

Themify Page Builder

Themify Page Build is also the best theme builder out there and has many features needed to create awesome pages. It is also available in both versions free and paid. If you use Themify themes then this page builder is a perfect fit although it is compatible with almost all WordPress themes.

It is also a drag-and-drop page builder and you can customize everything on your page including the header, footer, contents, and much more. It has a row, column, and grid stacking modules to create beautiful layouts easily and fast. Pages designed using this page builder are visually appealing and usually a good fit to create product pages.

One of the best features of Themify Page Builder is the animation module which gives you the advantage to add tons of animation effects to your page. You can add their pre-made design modules like CTA (Call to Action), popups, and much more to improve your visitor’s experience. You can also create custom shortcodes and add them wherever you want.

Themify Page builder is free and if you buy their Themify Theme for $59 then you get the premium version for free as well or buy their builder add-on for $39 to use all pro features. You can get access to all Themify Themes for $89/year or get the lifetime plan for $249.

6. Divi

Divi Page Builder

Divi Builder is also known as a very good and professional page builder and you can make any type of website using this page builder. It is very easy to use and has a very easy visual and live editor where you just have to select elements, sections, buttons, texts, and much more and drag them into the page anywhere you want.

With a beautiful visual editor and tons of elements, it is the perfect page builder out there for both beginners as well as experts. Divi has lots of content modules where you can design your content section as per you want. It is a multi-section layout-based page builder and you can design each section using its advanced design editor.

Their layouts are very responsive and mobile-friendly as well. You can make custom layouts and sections and save them to reuse in the future. Re-use of custom layouts and sections makes less bloated codes which means your website is fast and SEO optimized.

You can use their pre-built themes and designs also to save you time also you can export existing designs and import them to another website which makes it simple and fast to build multiple sites using one click.

This page builder goes good with Divi Themes but is also compatible with almost all WordPress themes available out there.

Divi Page Builder offers lots of design elements and layouts which is good for beginners as well as professionals. Starting price is $99/year and you get access to all products of Divi for unlimited websites. You can also go for their one-time plan of $249 where you get all same things but for lifetime access.

7. Visual Composer

Visual Composer Page Builder

The Visual Composer Website builder is another very good plugin for building awesome designing eye-catching websites. It has a user-friendly interface and the ability to customize every aspect of your website.

It is also a drag-and-drop page builder like others in the list and has all the professional features you need to design your website. They have different types of elements and professionally designed templates to use on your website directly for fast setup.

You can customize or design everything on your page including the header, footer, links, logo, sidebars, and much more. You can say that it is a full front-end customizing and designing tool.

That is the reason why they decided to keep website builder in their name instead of page builder because you can make a fully professional website using this plugin.

This plugin is compatible with all WordPress themes and you can change your theme without affecting the current design of your website using this plugin.

Visual Composer Website Builder offers you to customize every layout and element of the website. It allows you to add custom backgrounds, carousels, sliders, videos, gradients, and much more. It is also compatible with the WordPress default Gutenberg editor means you can use this plugin to customize website pages without leaving the WordPress default Gutenberg editor.

Visual Composer Website Builder comes in a free as well as a paid version. The paid version starts from $49/per year for 1 website, 5 websites for $99 per year, and so on. The free version has lots of features and you can make decent good-looking websites but if you want to use some professional features then you have to buy their pro plans.

Bonus Page Builders

Note: They are not exactly page builders actually they are only block editors for WordPress Gutenberg editor. They are page builders but you can make any type of complex layout using these block editors.

8. Gutenberg Blocks by Kadence Blocks

Kadence Blocks

Kadence Blocks is the best Gutenberg Blocks editor plugin that offers you the ultimate solution to customize your pages without the use of any bulky page builders.

This block editor is compatible with any WordPress theme because it depends on the Gutenberg blocks editor, not on the theme. So, you can change the theme without affecting your current layouts.

You can customize your page without leaving your current WordPress editor. It has a row-based system where you can create rows or sections and insert elements wherever you want. It has many elements like Lottie animations, a section, an advanced button, google maps, advanced images, advanced text, custom posts, and much more.

If you install Kadence Blocks then you don’t need many other plugins using more plugins means making your website slow in loading. Kadence includes posts, grid posts, Lottie animation, testimonials, tabs, an accordion, forms, an info box, and table of contents, and much more features instead you need to install tons of plugins separately which may slow your website.

If you don’t want to design or customize pages from scratch then you can use their pre-made templates. Your website goes live on the same template with just one click.

We are using this plugin in this blog and all the things are designed with this plugin only. This plugin works great with Kadence Theme and also with others themes.

They have both free and paid versions. The free version also has lots of customization options and if you want some more awesome features then you can go for their pro plans starting at just $69 per year for unlimited sites. You can also buy their Essential Bundle plan for $129 per year which includes Kadence Theme Pro, Kadence Blocks Pro, Customs Fonts, and Pro Starter Templates.

If you want some more advanced features and plugins to make complex websites like e-commerce or something then you also get their $199 per year plan where you get more additional Kadence plugins with Kadence Theme.

9. Generate Blocks

Generate Blocks

Generate Blocks is also a Gutenberg Block editor offered by GeneratePress theme developers. This block editor is available in both free and pro plans and it is compatible with every WordPress theme.

GeneratePress Theme is the fastest theme available in WordPress. For that reason, their plugins are also coded to be the fastest plugins ever. Their plugins are highly optimized and load faster on the browser.

This plugin lets you customize your website pages within the WordPress editor. The free version has fewer features but it is good for beginners and you can make decent pages using the free version. All pages created using this plugin are extremely lightweight and mobile-friendly.

This plugin is compatible with every WordPress Theme and could be great with GeneratePress Theme. With this, you can make all complex websites like e-commerce, blogs, forums, and much more.

Generate Blocks has lots of features including container, grid content, global styles, block effects, headlines, buttons, images, and much more. If you want some advanced features then you have to buy their pro plan of $39 per year for 1, $69 per year for 10 sites, and so on.


You can use any page builder or block editor mentioned to customize your website pages but choosing the right WordPress theme is also very important. Theme can give you more flexibility to design your website. We use Kadence Theme and Kadence Blocks on our blog but this is our choice you can use any of them.

If you are not sure about which WordPress Theme to choose then we have written a detailed article on it you can check it here:- Click Here

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