7 Best WordPress Cache Plugins to Improve Your Website Performance

Are you looking for some best WordPress Cache Plugins then this article helps you to choose the right cache plugin according to your need?

Cache Plugins can help you to reduce load times and improve performance. If you are starting a blog on WordPress then this article helps you to add more value to your blog.

In short, the Cache saves lots of data from the server at the time of the first load into local storage and whenever the same user revisits the same page again then it loads saved data from local storage if the original data is not changed on the server.

What is Caching?

Caching is the collection of data that is stored in local memory to access later on when any request is done. When there are many users requesting your website or webpage at the same time and your server needs to process all data and presenting to you.

WordPress is a CMS that allows you to write posts and design pages, and show dynamically on the user’s browser. The website can have many pages, posts, data, and assets. So it is a good idea not to request all this again and again from the server.

Caching feature is not there by default in WordPress but you can use some free or paid plugins to achieve great caching on your blog or website. It can help you to improve your blog or website load times and performance.

Without it, your website takes more time to load and then many users can leave your website which sends a wrong signal to the google that your content must be not relevant. This can be one reason for bad SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

How Caching works?

The more people requesting your site the more loads your server have to handle. So to solve this issue we can use a cache plugin on the website. It helps to store all the data from the server in the local cache storage after the first load and whenever a user again visits the same page or webpage it loads the same page rather than generating the whole page which is stored before if anything is not changed on that page or webpage. This can lower the request on the server and hence your website loads faster next time with fewer requests.

Caching can help to improve the site’s speed and performance but choosing the right hosting is also important. So, here is a detailed article on Best Web Hosting Providers.

Why Caching is Needed?

So whether you use some best caching plugins for WordPress or some custom-made cache system for any website, Here are some benefits you get after using cache in your website. Some of them are mentioned already but it is a good practice to mention them all again.

You can speed up your site for your users:- User who comes to your site feel a very fast experience on your site then they never go without reading your blog content. Simply faster websites are examples of decreasing bounce rates.

The server uses fewer resources:- As discussed earlier also that your server uses lower resources because most of the data like images are cached in local storage and can be served statically from local storage and hence more increase in speed.

Ranks Better in Search Engines:- User who visits your website and feel very good design and fast loading then read long articles on your website that gives a signal to search engines that this website has very good content may rank your website on their first page.

It can lower your TTFB:- TTFB (Time To First Byte) means because of cache plugins you can notice improvements in time to load the first byte in your website because of lower or fewer HTTP requests. The more request the more your website takes time to load.

You can test your website speed on PageSpeed Insights before and after installing the cache plugin to see the difference in speed.

How To Set Up Cache Plugin in WordPress

If you already installed WordPress so you can go through all mentioned cache plugins and download as per your choice. After downloading go to your WordPress dashboard and then Plugins > Add New here you can directly upload a plugin or you can search and download it there also.

Install WordPress Plugins

If you don’t know about WordPress or do not have any idea how to do it then I highly recommend you to read our detailed article on how to start a blog.

Best WordPress Cache Plugins

Now you know why cache plugins are used. Below we discuss the best cache plugins and the pros and cons of that plugins. You can go through all plugins and make a choice of which plugin is best for you.

1. Wp Rocket


Wp Rocket is the most popular and premium cache plugin in the market. It has a very easy user interface that helps you to understand all technical terms properly if you are a beginner also.

This plugin offers a one-click setup that automatically improves your site performance. It automatically takes all the new pages which are not cached and cached them for better performance.

It offers you preload cache means it preloads the cache for better performance for your site pages. It also provides GZIP compression means which helps you to lower your HTTP requests by shrinking HTTP content and all files on the page. That helps in page load times and also helps to decrease the use of bandwidth. The more HTTP requests the slower the page and that is bad for SEO as well as for users.

Wp Rocket also enables users to reduce the size of the website by minifying and combining CSS and Javascript files also it removes unused CSS and Javascript. It also offers lazy loading images to boost more speed of your website.

This also has a feature to integrate any CDN and has DNS prefetching and more. This plugin is an all-rounder and has many features that won’t regret once you buy it. It definitely improves your site performance.

Wp Rocket is a premium plugin and the basic plan you can get is just $59/year for 1 website, if you want to for more websites then you can go for their $119/year for 3 websites or $299/year for unlimited websites.

2. Sucuri Firewall


Sucuri is the security plugin and their firewall is the best WordPress firewall. We mentioned Sucuri in our Best WordPress Security Plugin also because it is the best and most popular security plugin as well.

Sucuri has a built-in caching option to cache your website and with just one click you can enable gzip compression. It is the best DNS-level firewall means it caches your website and delivers cached data to users before any request reached your website and boosts your website performance because of low HTTP requests to your server.

To enable a Website firewall feature you have to go for their premium plan otherwise you can use their security features in the free version.

3. W3 Total Cache

wp total cache

W3 Total Cache is the most popular and many professional websites use it. This cache plugin has lots of features compared to other plugins. Because of lots of options makes it better amongst others but also a little bit tough for beginners to use.

It has all features like it caches you all pages of WordPress site, CDN support, HTML, CSS, Javascript minification, gzip compression, database cache, and a lot more which boost your website speed and can have better SEO ranking on search engines.

W3 Total Cache also provides a feature to convert your images to WebP format means whenever you upload to your WordPress site it automatically converts and make a duplicate file and when any user browser supports WebP format then it shows that formatted image.

WebP is the new format to make your image, even more, less in size without losing any pixels of quality. The less the image size the faster it loads on the client’s browser hence increasing in performance and speed of your website.

The free version has lots of premium and advanced features as compared to other plugins and if you want more optimizations on your website then you can go for their premium plan.

4. LiteSpeed Cache

Litespeed Cache

LiteSpeed Cache is a very popular plugin with over 4+ million downloads and 5-star ratings on the WordPress directory. it is a free plugin and has many options to boost your website speed. We are on this website using this plugin and it gives us very nice improvements, especially in terms of speed.

It offers HTML, CSS, Javascript minification, auto image optimization, server-level cache, lazy loading, WebP format support, database cleaner and optimizer, and much more. You can set up CDN also with this plugin like Cloudflare, Bunny CDN, also multiple CDN you can set up, and much more.

LiteSpeed Cache is different from other cache plugins because it has server-level cache, which is very fast compared to default PHP-level cache. You need to use LiteSpeed Web Server to use their built-in page cache feature.

Page cache goes over PHP and database queries and uses a cookie to serve multiple versions of cache to different types of users according to their geographical location, device, and currency. To use this server you have to spend a small amount on Their LiteSpeed Web Server.

If you are using Hostinger hosting then LiteSpeed Cache Plugin would be a great fit for you. If you want the best web hosting then you can go through our detailed article on Best Web Hosting. We on this website use Hostinger and we are very satisfied with their hosting. It is very affordable and good for beginners who are just starting their new blog or website.

5. WP Super Cache

wp super cache

WP Super Cache is another very good and popular plugin with over 2+ million downloads developed by Automattic and may be perfect for your website optimization. It is free and recommended by many hosting companies.

The plugin has three modes of caching (Simple, WP cache, and Expert modes). The simple mode is recommended by the plugin for beginners and nontechie users. This plugin generates static HTML pages and serves users instead of heavy WordPress PHP scripts. Expert mode offers to access and edit .htaccess files and gives more control over caching which is very good for developers.

WP Super Cache offers all features that you need to speed up and optimize your website or blog. This plugin offers CDN support, gzip compression, preloading cache, page cache, and many more advanced features. It is beginner friendly and has different tabs for easy setup.

6. WP Fastest Cache

wp fastest cache

WP Fastest Cache is also a good and very popular caching plugin with over 1+ million downloads on the WordPress directory. The plugin is free or you can also go for their premium plugin for better performance.

The premium plan is a one-time purchase and you can get amazing advanced features. The free version also offers many features like HTML, CSS, Javascript minify, and enable disable cache for logged-in users, SSL support, CDN support, Gzip compression, and much more which makes your website perform better. It has a leverage browsing cache which reduces the HTTP requests who is a repeat visitors. It also generates static files from your dynamic blog for more speed and optimizations.

WP Fastest Cache premium version offers separate caching for mobile version websites, it also has the option to cache your WordPress website widgets, Minifying javascript to reduce payload times, and convert your normal png and jpg images to Webp a new generation image format which is lower in size and have the same quality. It also offers database cleanups, lazy load, and much more.

It has a pretty much good interface and is also very easy to understand for beginners. It has all checkboxes with the proper explanations that what setting is for what purpose.

7. WP-Optimize

wp optimize

Wp Optimize also has 1+ million downloads on the WordPress directory and has many features on their free version only and also offers more advanced features in their premium plan.

Its free version offers you to clean and optimize databases and minify and synchronize CSS and Javascript. It also offers image optimization and caches your pages for fast load times and much more.

It cleans your database because your database keeps on adding data and deleting and because of that you may get any type of unwanted or duplicate data into your database. It cleans those garbage data so that your website works better than before. Also, there may be thousands of comments which should be a scam and very bulky for your database so this plugin removes those things also.

It also offers cache preloading, Gzip compression, Device specific cache, browser cache, and much more. The Wp Optimize premium version offers even more advanced features like lazy loading, unwanted image deletion, WP-CLI support, preload key requests, and much more.

Some Bonus Cache Plugins:-

The most popular and best cache plugins are mentioned above but there are better plugins like Breeze, Cache Enabler, HummingBird and so on which you can use their free plan as well as paid plan and boost your website’s speed and performance.

Many hosting providers support different cache plugins so it is recommended that you only use the plugin which is recommended by the hosting company for better performance. Hostinger hosting uses the LiteSpeed server and it supports the LiteSpeed cache plugin very well.

We use on our website Hostinger hosting and LiteSpeed cache plugin on our website and we are getting very good performance.


You can use any cache plugin whether it’s free or paid but before that, you have to choose a better hosting company for better performance otherwise if your hosting is not good then your website always face an issue where it goes down anytime so choose the proper hosting. I have written a detailed article on Best Web Hosting where I listed all the best hosting and they are very affordable and have some very amazing offers.

If you are new to this field and don’t where and how to start your own website or blog then I have written an amazing detailed article on How to Start a Blog. This article is really helpful to you if you are just starting in this field.

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